Testing is something that involves many activities, and one of these activities is testing APIs. Many tools and frameworks help increase the API test coverage, and one of the frameworks is Rest-assured.

If you are also curious to know other tools to test APIs, check these links:

Let’s start

Installing Flask and a little bit more

Assuming that you have python installed in your machine. If not, follow this tutorial before continuing:


Create a folder for your project, and inside of the folder, execute the following code.

Creating environment and installing flask lib

Let’s create your primary file type the…

There are many tools and frameworks out there for automation, but this time one tool is getting popular when it comes to E2E browser testing, Cypress.

Taken by Thiago Amanajás

The quality responsibility is supposed to get distributed between team members, managers, and others that directly impact a product or project. But to a certain extent, it falls over a few positions, like testers.

It seems familiar nowadays to have in mind that only putting people with determined skills in…

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